Cialis 20mg, 10mg and 5mg

When a man is not capable of getting an erection for sexual intercourse or when he is not in a position to sustain an erection for long enough to complete the sexual activity, the condition is referred to as impotency or erectile dysfunction. Others think that this problem only affects old people or adults who are above forty years though it is a condition that can occur at any stage. There are several ways of treating male impotency. Some of its treatment includes oral medications, injection therapy, hormone replacement therapy, vascular surgery, psychological counseling, muse intra urethra therapy and vacuum pump.

The most common treatment method that most of the men prefer is oral treatment method. Cialis is one of the most common oral medications for erectile dysfunction though there are also other remedies such as Viagra and Levitra among others. The first drug that was approved by the FDA for male impotency treatment is Viagra but immediately other two drugs were introduced that is Levitra and Cialis. Cialis is one of the type 5 PDE5 inhibitor and also known as posphodiesterase. Cialis does not cause an erection immediately but only when you are sexually stimulated. It causes an erection when its chemical inhibitors block the chemical in a man’s penis which always subside the erection. This also enables more blood to flow into the penis and makes it hard and erect.

Cialis s just like other medicines therefore it also has its possible side effects which appear differently to different individual who are under its medication. These side effects may include visual problems, chest pain, rash, nasal congestion, headaches, painful erection, facial flushing and indigestion among others. Before you begin taking this kind of medication it is important that you consult your doctor to ensure that you are fit for it and that you are aware of its possible side effects and any other possible health or Cialis interactions. Cialis has been the best drug for many people though not everybody can use it to solve their impotency problem.

Some people should not use Cialis due to its effects that can be caused by other drugs or other health conditions. Patients who have heart problems, the ones who have suffered stroke or blood problems should not use Cialis unless prescribed by the doctor because it can lead to serious reactions with other drugs especially the ones that contain nitrates and this can lower an individual’s blood pressure tremendously. Cialis must be taken as recommended and only after consulting a doctor n order to be on the safe side. In case of any unbearable side effects or any serious side effects one should consult a doctor immediately. In case of any pain while having sex you should stop immediately and call your doctor.

This drug is taken orally before having sex. Note that Cialis should only be taken once in every twenty hours before eating. Cialis is available in a tablet form and in different quantities such as 5mg, 20mg and 10mg tablets.